A little jog around Manchester…

So last week involved going to the Russian visa application centre in Manchester. Applying for the visa was quick and easy. Getting all the documents in order for the visa were somewhat harder… Firstly, with Caroline going away to Amsterdam next week, this immediately ruled out getting her a visa. Secondly, we turned up with what we thought were the right documents only to find out that we were a few short. Having an Irish passport meant we require travel insurance and proof of residence in the UK. With time against me, I set off for a jog around Manchester not knowing where I was, where I was going, or how long my battery was going to last. Some might say it was setting me up for the rally. After first ending up at Santander offices, I eventually found a Santander branch who did me a solid printing out statements with proof of address. I then stumbled into the Post Office out of breath haggling for some insurance before I made it back just in the nick of time. With minutes to spare, the visa forms were submitted and the £161.20 paid. Note to self, check what you need before you go and then take anything with a tangible link to being an official document with you.

Just to top it off, it took 2 hours and 4 minutes which meant that the parking had just ticked over in the £8 bracket. Brill.

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