The Route

The Route

We have planned a rough route but who knows where we'll actually end up! We aim to visit certain points throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia but in between them, it is anyone's guess.
The places we hope to visit are:
  • Transfăgărășan Highway
  • Cappadocia
  • The Gates to Hell
  • The Pamir Highway
Know somewhere we should go? Let us know!

The Team

We're a team of two coming from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
Josh Corne
Josh Corne
Currently a student at Newcastle Uni studying Computer Science. Love the outdoors and adventure so hoping I can get up to some of these shenanigans en route.
Caroline Wood
Caroline Wood
Student at Northumbria Uni studying Fashion.

The Charities

These are the three amazing charities which we are supporting.

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Latest news

  • Episode XI: Return of the Ralliers

    So this was written months ago and never posted… Better late than never!   After spending the day sorting out paperwork and cars with a bit of celebrating on the side, it was time to begin the voyage home. We wished a final goodbye to all the teams we’d been travelling with on our epic […]

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    We made it! The whole reason we had crossed continents, climbed mountains and traversed deserts was in front of us: Mongolia. Known for its off-roading, soaring eagles and sheer emptiness left a feeling of excitement in the air. Setting off 6 weeks prior, no one knew if we would make it out of England let […]

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  • Waiting, then waiting more before waiting some more…

    En route to our lakeside camping spot for the night, Anton left us to get to the finish line at an earlier date than we planned. This left the four of us searching down some sandy tracks to find somewhere nice for the evening. When we reached our destination for the night, it truly was […]

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    Osh to Almaty

    Given previous years the mountains of Kyrgyzstan have almost killed teams, we opted to stick to the main roads. This offered fantastic views although the road was not challenging to drive on. That morning Genghis Carn left us to drive on to reach Mongolia before us as their Russian visas had started unlike ours. We […]

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  • Our Pamir Adventure

    After our previous day, all in the convoy were determined to make up for lost time and keep to the right areas from now on. Our first day took us into the mountains and the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast. This is an autonomous region which spans 45% of Tajikistan but the population only makes up 3% […]

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    A Little Misunderstanding

    The policeman stated a condition of our freedom was that no one hears about what happened that fateful afternoon so ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone about this! Green House Hostel was great but in order to keep to Jeremy’s schedule, the Pamir highway had to be started days ago. His flight on the 1st of September […]

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  • The Benzine Explosion

    Despite hearing of the invasive border procedure for Uzbekistan, the experience could’ve been far worse. Some phones were searched, the guards checked a few bags and some car compartments were examined but they didn’t probe everything. The part that probably took the longest was the lunch break that they had half way through. A personal […]

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    An Eerie Feeling

    Ever feel like you’re being watched? Like there are eyes and ears in the walls? Well, in Turkmenistan, there is a good chance that feeling is justified! This was the first of our ‘Stans’ and ralliers are of a privileged few who visit as the country receives less visitors than North Korea. It is an […]

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  • Iran

    “Welcome to Iran” smiled the border guard as we left Armenia for our thirteenth country. Already the tone had changed from the stern Armenian border guards to a smiley Iranian. Whilst the day started excited, the mood swiftly turned to frustration and annoyance as the day dragged on and temperature continued to rise. The process […]

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    To Iran!

    After a hefty slog through the mountains intermingled to the Black Sea with great views (pictures are coming), we stayed in our first hotel after a very sweaty day. The next day, we successfully navigated the D915 and can honestly say it’s the most fun we’ve had a road even topping the Transfagarasan. Luckily, we […]

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